Visioning for Musicians

Title: Visioning for Musicians

Dates & Times: Ongoing, determined via doodle poll
Location: Community of Sound Studio
As with all of our activities, our Code of Conduct applies.

This is a group lead by Clyde Powers and goes through a process for setting a vision for our individual and collaborative musical activity for the coming year.

Use this topic for further discussion/followup etc.

Hopefully a separate email came through a few minutes ago with a link to the visioning notes. What a fun evening that was. There were so many energizing ideas!

As you read through the notes, take time to add to and/or edit what’s already there. Some of the ideas came so quickly, I fear I missed them; other times, I know I didn’t hear the ideas accurately. At the end of the week, I’ll use the notes and take a crack at typing them up into a draft CoS Vision.

Next Meeting: Doodle Link.


I moved this topic to the Classes & Workshops area so Colleen can join us.

Also, I made a group that can be messaged/notified by using “@Visionaries” in any post which consists of all of us (and I’ll add Colleen once they’re here).

@adriennecoopermusic please use the “invite” button somewhere near the bottom or top of this to invite Colleen to this discussion thread, they’ll need to set up an account and then I’ll add them to the messaging group as well.

@Visionaries. Apologies for the long delay here. We’re just returning from vacation. Based on the Doodle responses, Friday, July 27th from 5 - 7 will be our next visioning session. Adrienne, we’ll keep you posted on what’s discussed.



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Awesome, please add it to the calendar. :slight_smile:

Done. With Jost Duo that evening, let’s plan to stick to 5 - 6 for the visioning.


We can go right up to 7 if we need to. They don’t start until 8.

@Visionaries. I’m preparing some materials to share during this evening’s session. You’ll need to bring something to record your ideas. I’ll share all applicable digital documents for those who prefer to type and have paper versions for those who choose pen or pencil.



I’ve been plugging away on a draft of the CoS Vision, which is no small task, considering all of the amazing ideas captured during our June meeting. The current iteration is based on imagining the collective in June 2019 and is structured around the four themes we selected that afternoon:
–Developing Our Audience
–Group Vs. Individual Time

Although I’ve used our notes to write up some of our ideas, the true power of a vision is the collective nature in which it is created. That means I need your help. I’ve attached both the draft and the notes from which various ideas are drawn. As you read through the draft, you’ll see numerous areas awaiting your ideas. Please edit, add to, revise, alter, and augment as you see fit. I found it particularly exhilarating to read through the notes as I worked on the draft and hope that you will, too.

I’ve attached one final document. It’s the cliffs notes compilation of quotes from Ari Weinzweig’s book on visioning. The following quote seems particularly relevant at the moment: “Putting your vision in writing gives it enormous power, by imbuing it with a degree of clarity and commitment that goes so, so much farther than the, ‘That’s a good idea, maybe I’ll try it’ sort of stuff we’re all used to” (117)

Vision Draft
Cliffs Notes

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@staff, What a fun and inspiring conversation we had on Thursday evening. There was something very energizing about sharing and talking with one another. @adriennecoopermusic and @Adam, your presence was missed. I hope that in posting and sharing ideas here, everyone will be able to contribute so we can continue building on what we’ve started.

Writing guidelines: Imagine a definitive time in the future and write as if you’re in that future time looking back at our successes. Describe the scenes with vivid detail. Go for big and bold.

Even more importantly, as you read through ideas, keep the following questions in mind:

In what ways would you like to be involved in others’ ideas?

What kind of support can you offer one another in pursuing their ideas?

I’ll take responsibility for organizing and synthesizing ideas (as necessary).