March 2019, Creative Music in Burlington


March 1 | Gloom Garden
Experimental Vermont II: Jo Bled, Wry One, Federico Balducci, Poverty Line, Peasant Farm, id m theftable, Scald Hymn

March 1 | Deli/126
Jaguar Stereo

March 2 | Deli/126
the le duo

March 2 | Monkey House
Omoo Omoo w/ Wren Kitz

March 3 | Community of Sound
CoS:INE Series presents Jane Boxall

March 1-10 | Maglianero
Wren Kitz / Abby Meaker sound/place/film installation

March 7 | Autumn Records
Rob Noyes + Alexander

March 15 | Deli/126
Dusk Electro: electro-acoustic jazz

March 16 | Community of Sound
Marshlands, a rock opera

March 20 | Mahaney Arts Center, Middlebury College
Data Stream: Live Electronic Music Improvisation

March 22 | Maglianero
AM Frequency: Adam Ploof/Earthquake Voyage

March 23 | North End Studios
Professors of Mystery

March 23 | Community of Sound
p u n k s h o w by Adrienne Cooper Smith

March 23 | T-Rex Cinema
New scores for Metropolis, La Glu, and The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Drew Frankenberg, Anna Halladay, and Erik Nielsen respectively. Performed by Montpelier Chamber Orchestra

March 23 | Autumn Records
Vance Stephenson and maybe others?

March 24 | ArtsRiot
Jane Boxall: solo marimba from 0 to 10 mallets

March 26 | Community of Sound
Jo Bled + Gahlord Dewald / Dragging an Ox Through Water / Secret Drum Band

March 28 | Dibden Center, Johnson
Notweed: Sean Clute, Pauline Jennings, Otto Muller

March 30 | Community of Sound
Improvisation and Decision-Making, a performance-lecture by Gahlord Dewald as part of Philosophy Week